Connect Groups meet every Sunday Night 6pm-7:30pm at Living Waters Church. 

Current Session (April 7th – June 2nd)

Chosen (middle school and high school) 
Taught by: pastor Karel Bellamy-Doss
Conquer (Men only)
Taught by: Scott Steele
Diversity vs. Unity (open to all)
Taught by: Pastor Haitham Besmar
Down at the Alter (open to all)
Taught by: David Klinger
Evangelism (open to all)
Taught by: Kim Klinger
Holy Spirit in the Now (open to all)
Taught by: Marie Steele
Laughing your way to a healthy marriage (married couples)
Taught by: Pastor John & Beth Childers
Pentecostal Discipleship (open to all)
Taught by: Pastor Jim Brewer
Teen Talent (Teen talent participants)
Taught by: Pastor Harli Bellamy-Doss
After Glow (grades kindergarten-5th)
Taught by: Pastor Justin & Brittany Whittington, Joel & Ashleigh Smith
The Great Exchange (open to all)
Taught by: Pastor Ron Huffstetler
To join a connect group, please contact Pastor Jim Brewer at the church office.