Lead & Encourage

All of us have latent leadership abilities. We need leaders around us who are able to mentor us and bring out what is inside so that we are not following when we should be leading. If you’re in a line waiting for a particular ride, you’re standing in the line – you’re called to follow that.  Most of life, however, is not standing in line – it’s taking charge. We lead as Jesus did: as servants, not as pompous, self-centered leaders.

I’m believing for hundreds of leaders to come forth in our church who will mentor thousands of people until we have a church full of leaders who can go into our world, to encounter the leadership of evil that is penetrating our youth.

So today, wherever you are, make a decision to lead. Lead with love, lead with laughter, and lead with courage. Let’s do things that have never been done before because we were called as a church to rise up and take cities and nations for Christ. We can start building our nation by being the encourager to others.

Discouragement is one of the devil’s most effective tools. Every person faces it. The prescription for discouragement is encouragement. That means to put courage into a person. Everybody needs encouragement. It is the best medicine many people could receive.

I read about an interesting survey on the “attention span” for adults. The average adult attention span will last for about 6 compliments, 5 encouragements, or 1 criticism. We all have a healthy appetite to receive encouragement, but nobody likes criticism for dinner!

One of my favorite Bible characters is Barnabas. His name means “Son of Encouragement.” Paul may have been thinking of Barnabas when he wrote 1 Thessalonians 5:11, exhorting us to “encourage and build each other up.”  Three verses later, Paul says to “encourage the timid.”

God said to Moses in Deuteronomy 3:28, “Encourage Joshua for he will lead the people across the Jordan.” When Paul and Barnabas came to Antioch, Jewish leaders sent them this message: “Brothers, if you have any word of encouragement for the people, come and give it” (Acts 13:15).

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