There is Hope

Though life may seem hopeless, you wake as dark as midnight and sorrow overflows you like a rogue wave. Remember there is one who is the fountain head of hope, the light that penetrates the darkest night and is the commander of the waves of life that speaks peace be still.
That one is, Jesus the God who became man that He may know what we experience and is touched by our dilemmas. He does not just commiserates, but knows intimately what we experience.
That one, Jesus, provides the pathway to life more abundantly, joy unspeakable, peace that transcends all understanding through His death and resurrection.
Call out, “Lord have mercy” and you will experience an eternal transformation which leads to a growing relationship. That relationship will bring the hope you long for, the light which will illuminate your pathway and the presence that calm your storm tossed life. There is a Hope, Jesus.
By: Pastor Jim Brewer

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