What this Day Means to Americans

Freedom is a beautiful thing. It is defined as a state of being free, the absence of necessity, constraint in choices or actions. It is freedom from the power of another person, organization, state or nation. It is to have all our options open to us in thought, belief and speech, allowing boldness of action and execution in life.
To be preserved, we must remember that there are forces in life; physical, natural and spiritual that seek to enslave us: Men, full of pride and selfish ambition who seek to enslave the entire world or as many parts of it as they can for their own selfish gain and purposes. Another is the spirit of complacency brought on by years of prosperity that makes one careless, self-interested, ungrateful and unwilling to be ever vigilant to fight and maintain it in this wicked world because Freedom is not free. There are many spirits that seek to bind and irritate us. There are also drugs, drinks, perversions and lusts that seek to enslave us.
Freedom is one of the greatest drives God put in human nature and true freedom can only be found in one place: “It is freedom that is found in Christ who set us free.” Galatians 5:6
To be free is a wonderful thing in one’s life but human being tends to find ways to enslave ourselves to needs, goals, desires, lust and sins. There is only one true freedom, the one that is found when we die to self and raise up in Christ Jesus. If Jesus is not your freedom of life and the Lord of your life then let us help you truly be free this 4th of July. Call our church office or email me direct on hbesmar@aol.com and let us work together on your 1st step to the only true freedom that is found in Jesus Christ.
I pray for the will of God to be fulfilled in our lives, our Nation and the Nation of Israel. I pray for a reign of Righteousness to rule supremely over our lives, church, city, State, Nation and the Nation of Israel.

I pray true freedom over our nation and a move of true and genuine repentance to sweep our Nation; heal us from sins and heal our incredible land from the destructions of sins.

I Christ Name I pray,

Thankfully an American,
one for whom many have died to protect but most of all.
One that is dead to self and alive
in Christ who saved me and set me free indeed!
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