Bring Him our Thanksgiving

Psalm 95:2 KJV “Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.” 

Psalm 95:2 is such a classic Scripture for this Thanksgiving season. This is a verse that we hear quoted so often around this time of year. I can already smell the thanksgiving turkey, and hear the family members laughing in the background when I read this scripture. 

“Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving.” This scripture is beautiful and easy to follow. It’s simply stating that when we enter His presence, the only thing we should bring is our thankfulness. What has God done for you in your life that you’re especially thankful for?

For me, it’s my grandmother-or “Mammaw”-as we call her. She is a pillar in my family. My whole life she made every day about God. There was never a moment when I heard her doubt God. Mammaw lives her life in thanksgiving to her Father. She knows that regardless of any of her circumstances, her God has provided for her always. She loves her family. To Mammaw… every day is thanksgiving. She is the person I always think of when I read this scripture-not just because she instilled a deep love for God in my heart… but because she always offered her praise and thanks to God. She always encouraged everyone around her to do the same. 

What’s something you are thankful for? Maybe it’s something that has happened in your lifetime, or maybe even this week. Spend some time with God sharing your thankfulness to Him. Write Him a letter expressing your gratitude. Slow down for a day and make a joyful noise to God. It doesn’t matter if you look crazy. Slow down during this hectic holiday season and thank the God that created you and gave you the very breath in your lungs. “Make a joyful noise unto Him with pslams…” because He is worthy of that and so much more. 
Written By: Pastor Harli Bellamy-Doss

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