The LWC Connect Track is designed to give you an introduction into the history and structure of the church, the foundational essentials to being a disciple of Christ, help you discover your personality type and spiritual gifts, and place you in an area of ministry based on those discoveries.
The LWC Connect Track is a pre-requisite to membership and to serving on a ministry team but not necessarily in that order. All 4 Connect Track classes must be completed prior to being placed to serve in a ministry at LWC. 
The LWC Connect Track runs in a cyclical pattern meaning you can start on the connect track at any point and complete it in just 4 weeks. 
You can read below a brief description of each class that is a part of the LWC Connect Track.
Church 101 will give you a basic introduction into our church family. This class is specifically designed to explain clearly who we are and what we believe. 
Essentials 201 is a class designed to help you learn and put into practice 6 essential habits of every follower of Jesus Christ. The Goal of this class is to help you develop a deeper relationship with Christ through these habits.
In Discover 301 you will learn how your uniquely designed personality, coupled with your spiritual gifts God has given you, help reveal a fulfilling path to your destiny.
Serve Teams 401 will present you with an overview of all of our ministry departments and opportunities and help place you in an area of ministry based on your spiritual giftedness.