God Is Not Through With You Yet!

Life often throws us curve balls leaving us scrambling to restore some semblance of normality. When we have a center of gravity be it family, friends or valves they will help us to make it through the wild ride. There are some curve balls which eclipse what these norms can accomplish. Like death of a loved one, the breakup of a relationship, divorce, children who lose their way, financial bankruptcy, loss of a lifelong career or diagnosis of a terminal illness. These require supernatural intervention which only Jesus can give.
When we have Jesus as our center He will stabilize the most tumultuous storm by speaking His peace to our hearts and minds. This kind of assistance comes from a growing relationship with Jesus, not a casual relationship. A growing relationship occurs as we are born creating in us a new nature that views curve balls through the eyes of the all knowing, ever present, all powerful God of heaven. This relationship is similar to, but deeper than a child to father. Our heavenly father sees beyond the momentary disaster to the resolution of the disaster. God as father is our protector and provider with unlimited resources and infinite knowledge which He gladly uses to restore our center of gravity.
So if life is throwing you curve balls pause and reflect on your heavenly Father and His promise to “do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or imagine.” Rest, trust and believe your future will be better than your yesterday or today.
Written By: Pastor Jim Brewer

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  1. Jim Gresham says:

    I really enjoyed what I just read.
    I’m looking forward to deliverance
    Coming Wednesday evening.

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