Importance of Community {Connect Groups}

When God created the World, He saw what He did and said it was “good” except man being alone.  That verse becomes more significant when we look at the context of it…in Genesis 1, God creates everything in six days and six times he declares that what He has made is GOOD. Then at the end of those days, He said what He had created was “Very Good” (Gen 1:31).  He says over and over that His creation is good and then for the first time He says something is “not good”. Man being alone was not good – it is not what God intended. The Bible doesn’t say it is not good to be single, it says it is not good to be alone.  We are created to be in a community, a family, a relationship.

Studies show that young adults/millennials are the loneliest people in today’s society.  The average person has 338 “friends” on Facebook but that same sample shows that 30% say they frequently feel lonely.  It is up to us to eliminate that loneliness!  We are called to be is a body, a community.  A community is a group of people who are committed to being a part of your life, seeking what’s best for you, no matter what.  They care enough to speak the truth even if the truth is hard to hear and love you enough to provide love, tough love if needed. 


We want Connect Groups to be the community that everyone NEEDS.  In researching the generations that are represented in this congregation, a common quality that all generations from the “silent generation” to the current “generation Z” is that they all thrive in social settings, want to feel needed, socially orientated, value family time, group oriented, and need face to face interaction.  We may not all be the same, think the same, look the same – but we as the body of Christ share a common interest.  We all want to do what is best for each other and help each other navigate the choices and decisions in life. We do that by meeting together on a regular basis, sharing life experiences.  

We are the BODY – the Bible talks about relationship as being brothers and sisters in Christ but in Romans, God chooses to compare a believers relationship stronger than a family but as a body!  The parts of the body need each other to survive. Followers of Christ would be deluded to think that they can survive or thrive without being connected to the other members of the body. Don’t do life alone, don’t just show up on Sundays…connect to the body!  We need you and you need us.  

Connect Groups – Gather every Wednesday at the church, 6:30-8pm.  SHIFT Students, Awana Clubs, and nursery will also be provided.

Groups we are offering the 2020 Spring Semester (Feb 5-March 25)

    • “Adulting” | Young Adults college-30 | Pastor Justin and Brittany Whittington
      • walking through how to discern God’s will for your life right now and specify how you can best glorify Him through your career, relationships, and commitments and strengthening your faith
    • “Managing Finances: Practical and Spiritual Principles of Finance” | Open to All | Pastor Ron Huffstetler
      • Weekly topics include practical and spiritual principles of finance like budgeting, credit card traps, debt management, biblical perspectives on money and the importance of tithing and giving.
    • “Spiritual Warrior” | Open to All | Pastor Jim Brewer
      • An insight into spiritual warfare and the importance of prayer.
    • “Conquer Series” | Men Only | Pastor John Childers
      • Mens only series on purity highlighting: Explore strongholds that keep men in bondage, examine the neurochemistry of addiction, discover the weapons and strategies of God, investigate proven strategies to prevent relapse, and study practical daily techniques to remain free. 
    • “Nothing Wasted: God Uses the Stuff You Wouldn’t” | Ladies Only | Pam Rhoden
      • Nothing Wasted shows God as a mixed media artist, lovingly gathering the broken bits and scraps of our lives to create a masterpiece of grace and redemption. Take the pressure off of outing your past; God is the perfecter of everything that brings us shame or pain. God doesn’t care if we are the reason for or the recipient of our messes—he wants us to surrender to his grace and transform our pain into something glorious! Nothing is wasted with God.
    • “No Other Name” and “Healing is Here” | Middle and High School | Pastor Karel and Harli Bellamy-Doss
    • AWANA Clubs | K-5 | Awana Team/Commander Curtis Jernigan
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Written by: Brittany Whittington

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