Invite Someone to Church…

On this Resurrection week, I believe that our church will see a God-opportunity to bring a friend to one of our celebration services. Imagine for a moment 500 seekers who are touched by Jesus and open their hearts in a new and loving way.

For myself, I find that the Holy Spirit brings a person to my mind. I then begin to engage a relationship with that person. I invite them to one of our services. By doing this, I have seen person after person give their life to Christ. I met this great man at a service department at a car dealership, He is professional and helpful in his mid 30s, very kind. He and I engaged in a conversation next to the coffee machine. This was a God appointment. He came with his girlfriend to a service couple weeks ago. Last week when I saw him again at the dealership while washing my truck, he surrendered his life to Christ! All I did was just ask!
Miracles can happen when we invite one person. When we bring one person to a meeting where the Holy Spirit is at work.
I think it always begins with having a heart of understanding that people are lost spiritually. Without Christ they are broken with no hope of healing. But with Jesus, a person’s life is radically transformed. Let’s make this Resurrection Sunday, this Passion week, a week where we are not only awakened personally but the lost are awakened to a new life in Christ.
Written By: Pastor Haitham besmar

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