We dedicate this special ministry to its former leader who served with compassion and love, Pastor James Brewer.
J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth) is our senior adult ministry that strives to:
  • Assist connecting “Them to Him” through worship, study of the Word, and serving to enhance the mission of Living Waters
  • Connect “Him to Us” through prayer, intercession, and meditation on Him
  • Connect “Us to Them” through our care ministries of visitation, assisting other seniors with financial support, showing compassion in the time of bereavement by providing spiritual and physical support and provide times of fun and fellowship to build lasting relationships
The Vision is to provide opportunities to develop disciples who will disciples others.
Opportunities like:
  1. Bible study prepares them to communicate the good news to others
  2. prayer meetings to bear one another’s burdens and provide intercession
  3. J.O.Y. luncheons monthly to provide fun, food, and fellowship
  4. the Elijah project to provide financial assistance to retired ministers in need
  5. caring visitation to shut-ins, absentees, discouraged ones and the lonely

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