Living Waters Church is active in supporting missionaries and Missions projects around the world and locally with our monetary offerings and prayers.
The missions projects that we support are: Africa, Cambodia, Church of God North Region – Bishop Tony Cooper, Dr. Robert and Glenyce Doorn, Guatemala, Heart of Florida Youth Ranch, Honduras, Jerusalem, Kenya, Nigeria, Thailand and Zambia.
Haitham Besmar
Missions | USA, Europe/Middle East
Focus on Discipleship for the Muslim Community

Haitham is an ordained Minister with the Church of God of Cleveland, TN. He is an evangelist and ambassador of Jesus Christ with outreach ministries around the World with the mission to convey the good news to all creations. He has over 20 years of experience as an International Economist with success in finance and economic development.

Haitham devoted 50 years to the Islamic religion but was saved by God’s Grace. God healed him as he lay on his death bed after being told by two hospitals that He had no chance of living. Two days after accepting the Lord into his heart, he walked out of the hospital on his own feet! Since then, He has been dedicated to serving the Lord with no compromise. He has traveled the USA teaching Christians how to understand Islam and how to evangelize to the Muslim community. He is the successful author of “From Deception to the Truth: From Allah to God”.

He is a proud Father of five and Husband to Lori. He currently resides with his wife and two youngest sons.

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To connect with Haitham directly, please email hbesmar@aol.com