Freedom In The Process

We’ve all been in situations when we’ve defended ourselves, or wanted to. Maybe someone heard us wrong, and we tried to explain that we didn’t say what they thought we said; or that we didn’t do what they thought we did. Maybe they misinterpreted our intentions-and we’re frantically trying to convince them that our heart isn’t evil and we could never intentionally hurt someone. 

A little tid-bit about me: my personality is very fun-oriented. I enjoy adventures and time in community. My love language is quality time. I am extremely extroverted and am energized by groups of people. One of the things that pulled me into church in the beginning was the community and fellowship. I loved this idea that we could be a part of something meaningful-something bigger than us; A place where we love those who are hurting and lost. Knowing that about my personality, helps me to explain that I don’t like being at odds with others. I don’t like when I know someone is upset with me, or has misinterpreted an action of mine. I don’t like knowing that I’ve upset someone, and I immediately want to go and apologize to them and make things right. I instantly want to defend my actions and explain myself.  

What this Day Means to Americans

Freedom is a beautiful thing. It is defined as a state of being free, the absence of necessity, constraint in choices or actions. It is freedom from the power of another person, organization, state or nation. It is to have all our options open to us in thought, belief and speech, allowing boldness of action and execution in life.