What Makes Good Friday Good?

Friday’s are always Good because Saturday is coming, a day of rest from the rat race of day to day living. Friday’s are the door way from the mundane and ordinary to the opportunity to refresh and reboot.
Good Friday is the dawning of a new way to a renewed life through killing the past with its dread, dreariness and gloom. Just a like prism retracts the light creating a rainbow of colors. The cross is the prism that takes darkness of life-death, hell, grave, the boredom if the drudgery – filters it all through the blood of Christ, the light of the world and creates a rainbow of hope, joy, peace resulting in a life which resounds unto the resurrection of eternal life abundant and free.
A Good man, Jesus Christ, gave his all forsaking the splendor and majesty of heaven to take on a human life filled with all its agonies and despair. That He may birth newness of life from day to day in all who accept His free gift that was purchased through His ignominious death. From the cold grave of death sprang the transformed life on Easter morning never to return to darkness.
A Good man on Good Friday birth the Good life that will live on in you until the Good day dawns when death is swallowed up in victory.
Praise God for Good Friday!
Written By: Pastor Jim Brewer

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  1. Donna VanBeek says:

    This is Awesome Pastor Brewer!
    Thank You!

    I AM the Resurrection, and the Life: he that believes in me, though he were dear, Yet Shall He Live! John 11:25

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